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Welcome to Okoboji Community School District
Okoboji Community School District is located in Dickinson County in Northwest Iowa immersed in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes region. OCSD serves the communities of Wahpeton, Arnolds Park, West Okoboji, Milford and Northern Fostoria. We pride ourselves in academic excellence and strive to offer unique programs and services to provide a quality education for all students.


Update of Middle School Facility Discussions:
The presentation linked below was used at two recent meetings to let people know how discussions are progressing about district plans to address enrollment increases at the middle school. 
Conversations began by reviewing the district’s mission statement and what type of learning opportunities need to be provided for our students.
We then shared some common concerns with the current middle school building as related to enrollment projections.
Four options are currently being considered by the school board.  The option to build a new middle school at the current high school site has been at the forefront of the conversation.  However, some desire has been shown to consider another option that includes leaving 2 or 3 grades in the current middle school building.
At the December 8 school board meeting, the Board has tentative plans to hire architectural and engineering firms to research the feasibility of building a new 5-8 middle school and to also determine the cost of adding onto and remodeling the current middle school so that 2 or 3 grades could remain in Arnolds Park.  Both firms should be able to provide appropriate information for allowing the school board to make a final decision by the January 12school board meeting. 
No matter what option the school board decides to approve, some type of property tax levy will be needed.  A couple of sample spread sheets have been included in the power point presentation to show people how property tax increases will be shared after building costs are determined.  At this point, actual building costs for various options have not yet been determined.
The presentation ends with a possible timeline for completing a building project.
Moving forward, all questions asked by patrons attending the Nov. 17 SIAC meeting and Dec. 1 parent meeting, will eventually be answered through an FAQ (frequently asked questions) document. The FAQ, will be constantly updated as answers become known. The current list of questions that will become the FAQ is posted below. 
Another board work session may also be scheduled shortly after Christmas vacation for analyzing results of the architect study.  In the meantime, Okoboji staff members are continuing to look at the pros and cons of the various facility improvement options.
Addressing Middle School Facility Needs Presentation
Questions Document

Okoboji Community School District does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, physical attributes, physical or mental ability or disability, military affiliation, political party preference, socioeconomic status, or familial status. Inquiries or grievances may be directed to Mr. Gary Janssen, Superintendent, 1205 7th Street, Milford, Iowa 51351.

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